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Realize Your Dreams with the Right Financial Support

Like anything worth having, your education requires a significant investment. Thanks to Capella's financial aid services, you can lower your costs while elevating your potential—and create the promising future you deserve.

The leadership, management, and marketing skills I've learned at Capella are already useful in my military role.

Rick Jensen, MSCapella Graduate, Specialization: Leadership

A Smarter Investment

A Capella degree is more than just a few letters on your résumé. It is proof that you have a true, in-depth grasp of the skills and knowledge that employers demand.

We are committed to providing the financial support to minimize your cost while delivering an education that will give you the highest return on your investment.

Thanks to small class sizes and faculty with industry experience and the right academic credentials—86% hold doctoral degrees—you can boost your capabilities in all the ways that matter.

Capella graduates in all schools and degree programs typically see a steady increase in salary from the point of graduation onward.

Career Builder Alumni Outcomes Data, Q2 2012

Start Here

When you step up to meet the challenges of going back to school, you will not be alone. You can count on the supportive team at Capella to help you understand and access all the ways to save on a high quality education that can change your life.

Get a Clearer Picture of the Details with These Tools and Resources:

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    Get Credit for What You Know Your prior education and on-the-job training may be worth credit
    Find out about transferring credits and prior learning assessments

  1. 2

    Save Time and Money Explore all the ways to reduce costs and finish faster.
    Discover all the ways to save

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    Research Financing Options Find out how you can pay for your degree.
    Learn about financing and payment options