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GuidedPath: Where structure and flexibility coexist

You're busy. We know this. And we've been around long enough to develop the support systems that can help you achieve your educational goals.

With GuidedPath, you stay motivated and on track with pre-set deadlines. However, you create your schoolwork habits based on your personal schedule.

All of our degree programs are available through the GuidedPath learning format.

3 reasons why you should choose GuidedPath.


Depending on your week, your study time might be sporadic. With 24/7 courseroom access, you can log in at any time of the day.


Assignments are due at the end of the week, with mid-week message-board discussions.


Faculty will assign required reading material to help you through your discussions and assignments.


From start to finish you'll have learning support and detailed feedback from faculty with regular check-ins from program advisors.

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How GuidedPath works

GuidedPath is our original online format, with 24/7 course access and no specific login times. You'll have deadlines for weekly assignments and discussions to stay on task.

Predictable deadline structure
You can find your homework rhythm and create habits during the week to meet those pre-set due dates.

Interact with faculty and fellow students
Weekly interactive message-board discussions give you the chance to see and respond to all different perspectives—broadening your own views.

Take up to three courses per quarter
Every quarter you'll have the freedom to decide if you want to go full-time (2-3 courses) or part-time (1 course). The more classes you take at a time, the quicker you'll complete your program.

Real-world coursework
Every assignment has a purpose. You'll be challenged to think differently and apply what you learn in the courseroom to the work you do every day in your career.

Gain real-life experience
Some master's and doctoral programs require in-person skill development as part of their curriculum—allowing you to gain experience through residencies, internships, and fieldwork.

GuidedPath graduates weigh in on their experience
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